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Mohani essential oil nebulizer works on the principle of cold diffusion. Thanks to this modern technology, no water or heater is needed for aromatherapy. The device turns the essential oil into an aromatic mist. Its particles are very light, so they do not settle on walls, floors or furniture. They easily combine with the air, enriching it with the wonderful properties of oils and floating with it, evenly filling and aromatizing the space. The nebulizer will serve perfectly as a decoration of an apartment, house or office. It has a nice shape, and the combination of wood and glass further emphasizes its value.

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100% aromatherapy. No pouring of water.



Mohani Essential Oil Nebulizer:

- Evenly fills the space with a beautiful fragrance.

- Thanks to cold diffusion, the oil retains 100% of its value.

- Microcouple molecules bind to the air, they do not settle on surfaces (furniture, walls).

- The fragrance is very efficient.

- Neutralizes unpleasant odours.

- Serves as a beautiful decoration.


Nebulizer – diffuser, how to use it?

Pour a dozen or so drops of essential oil (about 10-25) into the glass chamber. Use only natural oils.


Fit the distribution nozzle onto the exit hole.

You can adjust the intensity mode of oil spraying using the built-in touch panel. This will allow you to adapt it to your needs. The nebulizer operates intermittently, in a ratio of 2 minutes of operation to 1 minute of rest.


The device does not need water to work. All you need to do is pour a dozen or so drops of essential oil into the glass chamber and connect the nebulizer to the power supply.

IMPORTANT: remember to unplug it after use!


Depending on the frequency of use, the device should be cleaned from time to time with high-percentage isopropyl alcohol or technical alcohol (once a week is enough for frequent use).

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