• AUNA Coconut Dog for washing paws and the whole pet 60 g

Coconut dog is an excellent solution for dog grooming. Made from natural ingredients, it provides gentle and effective cleaning of the dog's coat.

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AUNA Kosmetyki


It effectively removes dirt, debris, and excess sebum from your dog's coat, leaving it clean and refreshed.

It cleans, but does not dry out thanks to natural and gentle washing substances.

Leaving a pleasant coconut scent.


A cosmetic specially developed to ensure the highest level of dog care. Safe ingredients and a mild formula make it suitable for dogs' delicate skin and coat, keeping them clean, fresh and healthy-looking.

However, it's always a good idea to check your dog for any special conditions or allergies that may affect the use of the product before use.


Remember – choosing a product in a cube is a small step for you, but a huge one for the planet. Going plastic-free means reducing the production of rubbish and landfills in waters, which play a key role in polluting the environment.

-pH suitable for your dog's skin

-Weight: 2 x 30 g

-ingredients: saponified coconut oil, saponified rice oil, glycerin, aroma


How to use:

 Moisten the cube with warm water and rub in your hands until foamy. Then wash the coat/hair with the resulting lather and rinse thoroughly. Repeat.


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