• Cosmetics for summer


Welcome to the place dedicated to summer skin care! 

Summer is the time when our skin requires special attention and protection from the harmful effects of the sun's rays, high temperatures and salt water. Choose filters that suit your skin. Also think about how to effectively wash off filters and all impurities after a long day, e.g. SIMPLY MORE Gentle Face Wash Lotion.

Our store offers a wide selection of products to help you take care of your skin this season and enjoy a healthy, radiant look. Pay attention to self-tanning products that will allow you to get a safe tan, without a harmful dose of UV radiation – RESIBO HAVE SOME TAN self-tanning tonic.  

Remember, especially in summer, to properly moisturize the skin of your face and body – hydrosols, lotions or oils that will give the effect of shimmering skin in the sun! 

And if you are flying by plane and need to choose products in small capacities – we invite you to the category of travel cosmetics.

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