• Facial tonics

Face tonic is a cosmetic used after cleansing the skin of the face, aimed at restoring pH balance, refreshing, moisturizing and preparing the skin for further care. By moisturizing and softening the skin, the tonic facilitates the absorption of creams, serums and other cosmetics that we apply to the skin after toning.

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Face tonics – an essential element of daily care

Maintaining a youthful appearance of the skin for a long time is the dream of many women. This goal can be achieved through regular care of the face and its surroundings. It should consist of several steps: cleansing, toning and application of nutritional preparations such as serum or cream. Each of these elements is extremely important to maintain the youthful and radiant appearance of the skin. However, often the toning stage is skipped, which is a big mistake. Why is it worth remembering this step?

Facial tonics are designed to restore the proper pH of the skin, enable better absorption of nutrients and refresh the complexion. It affects the appearance as much as the best cream or serum. In addition, facial tonics are responsible for the so-called glow effect, i.e. shiny and healthy-looking skin. So let's reach for them every day.

Face toner – match it to your complexion

Face tonic is a water-based product enriched with vitamins, plant extracts and various active substances. These cosmetics can be used by everyone, regardless of age or skin type. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the tonic is adapted to the skin and meets its daily needs.

In the case of problematic and oily skin, it is best to reach for a product that will have an antibacterial and normalizing effect. For the care of sensitive and dry skin, it is worth choosing a tonic with moisturizing ingredients, such as aloe vera or rose extract. Owners of normal skin can reach for any type of this cosmetic. From time to time, it is also worth reaching for a peeling tonic, which supports the exfoliation of dead skin cells and allows better absorption of products.

A good facial tonic – ingredients worth avoiding

When choosing cosmetics for the face, you certainly pay attention to their composition. The best preparations are based on ingredients of natural origin and do not contain any unnecessary additives or preservatives. It is similar in this case – a good face tonic is one in which you will not find substances that may have a negative effect. What is worth avoiding?

Owners of problematic skin should give up the use of cosmetics containing ethyl alcohol, SLS and SLES. They have a drying effect on the skin, which in turn can cause overproduction of sebum and increase the formation of imperfections. Ingredients such as parabens, silicones or artificial colors are also not desirable. The first two can clog pores and limit nutrient absorption. The presence of dyes of artificial origin in the composition increases the risk of allergic reactions.

Facial tonics – use

Like most cosmetics, facial tonics are best applied with fingers or with an atomizer. These products can be in different forms – a delicate mist, a semi-liquid gel or a completely watery substance. Regardless of what facial tonic you have, avoid applying it with a cotton pad. Small fibers, which together with the cosmetic will stick to your face, will effectively pores and hinder the absorption of creams. By applying the tonic with your fingers, you can be sure that you are applying only the preparation to your skin.

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