• Manufacturer - Shelee

Shelee is conscious care suitable for all skin types. It is a combination of a love of pure beauty and the richness of nature. The cosmetics in her portfolio are vegan, not tested on
and based on proprietary bioferments, created according to strictly guarded know-how.

Shelee bioferments are a combination of valuable active ingredients with probiotic bacteria, which under controlled conditions change their effects to stronger and more multidirectional. Extremely
Their beneficial effect on the microbiome, which determines the proper functioning and appearance of the skin, is important in their action. In addition, the fermentation process minimizes the potential for irritation and is a source of completely new, bioactive and extremely beneficial compounds.

The combination of tradition, nature and science has allowed the use of active ingredients that have been used in the traditional approach to skin care for years. By fermenting them, they have been extracted to be even more powerful. It is thanks to them that Shelee cosmetics are so innovative, versatile and effective. 

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