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The vegan and natural intimate gel has been created to provide glide without feeling sticky. It instantly moisturizes the skin of the intimate area and restores comfort and provides a better experience of closeness. In addition, it takes care of the physiological pH. It contains natural flax and cotton extracts that soothe the skin of intimate areas, and beta-glucan protects the skin from abrasions. The water-based intimate gel is silicone-free and odorless and tasteless. It is perfect for fun and love alone and in a duo.

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Natural intimate gel is the perfect companion for intimate moments. It perfectly moisturizes and glides. It makes the intimate experience more comfortable.


Psss... The intimate gel is easily washed off with water.


In the composition of the intimate gel you will find:

- soothing flax and cotton extracts

- maintaining the natural pH of intimate areas lactic acid

- soothing abrasions beta-glucan



Use it as you would a soothing lubricant. Apply a few pumps of gel to the palm of your hand or directly to your intimate area. Use whenever you need instant glide and hydration.


Capacity: 100 ml

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