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The GUA SHA tile will allow you to perform a relaxing evening facial massage inspired by the Asian beauty ritual. In ancient Chinese medicine, this treatment occupies a special place due to its healing effect on the body and soul. Asian women owe him a perfectly smooth, radiant complexion, hence the Gua Sha massage is called "the natural botox of Eastern medicine".

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Gua Sha stone is made of rose quartz.

It has the form of a crescent with smooth edges, thanks to which it perfectly adapts to the shape of the face.

Through gentle pressure, it helps to release tension from areas where all-day stress and negative energy accumulate, such as temples, jaw muscles or the area between the eyebrows.

In addition, it improves lymph flow and stimulates blood circulation, which affects better oxygenation and improvement of skin firmness. 


The effects of Gua Sha massage with Moon Drops serum are: 

– skin elasticity and wrinkle reduction, 

– improvement of the face oval, 

– neck lift, 

– reduction of swelling, 

– improvement of skin tone, 

– narrowing of pores, 

– reduction of muscle tension,

– deep relaxation and relaxation.


How to do Gua Sha massage?

Stone plate massage is performed along the meridian – lines connecting acupuncture points on the face.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, these are the channels through which the life-giving energy of Qi travels.

Gua Sha massage, thanks to Qi stimulation, restores the harmony of body and mind, and helps the skin regain lost elasticity and healthy glow.

How to carry it out?

Start by warming up 3-4 drops of Moon Drops oil serum in your hands and massage gently on your face and neck.

Close your eyes for a moment and take a few deep breaths to feel its soothing fragrance.

Then start massaging holding the Gua Sha stone from the convex side and start a draining massage.

  1. Start with the neck – lightly pressing the plate against the skin, lead it in the down-up direction. 

  2. Proceed to the massage of the jaw, heading from the chin to the temples. Pay special attention to the point near the ear where the mandible connects to the temples – this is where the most tension accumulates.

  3. Cheek time – move Gua Sha from the center of the face to the outside. Remember to thoroughly massage the labial-nasal fold and the area under the eyes, which will help reduce dark circles and puffiness.

  4. Finally, do a massage of the eyebrows and forehead, which will act as a natural lifting for these areas.


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