• SLAAP Fragrance mist for bedroom BEDTIME STORIES 50 ml

Spray SLAAP mist in the bedroom, and its relaxing scent will lull you to sleep and soothe your frayed nerves. It is a composition of natural essential oils, which in aromatherapy are known for their hypnotic properties, calming and lowering nervous tension. The mist will serve you as a natural means of facilitating falling asleep, as well as fill the home space with a relaxing aroma of herbs and flowers that promote calmness, rest and meditation.

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The composition consists of, among others:

bergamot oil – its citrus aroma cleanses the mind, lowers blood pressure, evens out breathing and reduces the level of stress hormones.

Orange oil – the juicy sweet scent of this oil relieves anxiety, chases away unpleasant thoughts and puts you in a better, more optimistic mood.

lavender oil – has a deep relaxing effect on the body, mind. It facilitates falling asleep, reduces headaches and migraines.

Rose oil - one of the most valuable oils in aromatherapy, which has a soothing and calming effect.

verbena oil – The intense citrus aroma of lemon verbena oil will have a relaxing effect on the nervous system, calm down and make it easier to fall asleep.


How to use mist?

Spray the mist in the bedroom before going to bed. Wrapped in its soothing scent, you will fall asleep faster, and your night's rest will be deeper and more regenerating. In the morning you will wake up crisp, rested and full of energy to act.


You can also spray the mist in any room. Let the cloud of fragrance fill the space around you and you will create an atmosphere conducive to concentration and rest. In this way, you will gain ideal conditions for a relaxing yoga session, meditation or study.

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