• Raspberry seed oil MINISTERSTWO DOBREGO MYDŁA 30 ml

Raspberry seed oil for face care is a lightweight, well-spreading and fast-absorbing oil. Recommended for the care of dry skin, as well as the one prone to allergies due to its very gentle soothing effect. It does not leave the feeling of burdened skin, it makes it more elastic and cares for the right level of its hydration.

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Oil extracted from raspberry seeds (Rubus idaeus L.) is one of the most interesting and versatile oils used in daily skin care.

It has a characteristic earthy smell that quickly evaporates on the skin.

Its delicate, velvety, even "matte" texture makes it number one in facial care.

It is perfect both during the day (under make-up) and at night – it spreads well and absorbs quickly, leaving no feeling of burdened skin.

It has a soothing effect, improves skin elasticity, strengthens its structure and helps to rebuild the damaged layer of the epidermis.

It takes care of proper hydration of the skin.

Due to the large amount of vitamins E and A, it is highly valued by people struggling with skin problems.

It has anti-wrinkle properties and supports the process of elastin and collagen formation.

It does not clog pores, prevents the formation of blackheads and pustules.


It is a natural and cold-pressed oil, thanks to which it retains all its beneficial properties.

Use as:

– cream substitute;

– hair oil – oiling along the entire length of the hair before washing and from the middle of the hair length –  after washing.

For whom?

Dedicated to dry and dehydrated skin, as well as prone to allergies.

Prevents the formation of blackheads and pustules – recommended for problematic and acne-prone skin.


Directions for use:


Apply to cleansed, moistened (e.g. hydrolate) facial skin. Massage gently, in circular motions until completely absorbed.

You can apply it on an aqueous serum SUGAR or mix both products on your hand and then apply it to the skin.


Before washing – apply the oil along the entire length to dry hair or moistened with hydrolate. Wrap in a shower cap and wait several minutes for the oil to work on the hair. Then wash your hair.

After washing – apply the oil to the ends of the hair. Spread the oil on your hands and comb your fingers through your hair from the middle of the length.


Rubus Idaeus Seed Oil 


Country of origin: Poland

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