• Olej z opuncji figowej MINISTERSTWO DOBREGO MYDŁA 30 ml

Lightweight, perfectly absorbing oil, leaving the skin addictively soft to the touch. It works gently and at the same time very versatile, which makes Prickly pear oil recommended for all skin types. It helps in the fight against wrinkles thanks to its smoothing antioxidant properties. It restores hydration, makes it more elastic, regenerates, supporting the skin's immune system. It soothes irritations, inflammation and sebaceous glands. It is considered non-allergenic.

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Organic, unrefined and cold-pressed prickly pear oil. Apply to enjoy the many benefits for your skin:

– the skin becomes silky smooth and matte in the finish, the effect of the most delicate velvet;

– the oil is rich in phytosterols, gamma-tocopherol and Omega 6 acids, thanks to which it intensively regenerates and restores skin hydration, especially if it is dry and irritated;

– perfectly cares for oily and combination skin, because it regulates sebum secretion and reduces the visibility of pores;

– helps to protect the skin against the adverse effects of external factors and soothes irritations, supporting the process of epidermal reconstruction;

softens, smoothes and increases skin elasticity, constituting a natural care for skin with wrinkles;

It is perfect for the care of delicate, sensitive skin and the area around the eyes.

Prickly pear oil is considered non-allergenic.

For whom?

  • dry skin,
  • combination skin,
  • oily skin;
  • sensitive skin.

Use as:

– cream substitute,

– face and eye oil,

– addition to your favorite cream,

– nourishing oil for hair and nails.

Directions for use:

Apply to clean, moistened (e.g. divine hydrolate from Damask rose) skin of the face, neck, décolleté. Massage gently, in circular motions until completely absorbed.

You can apply the oil to the water serum SUGAR or first mix a few drops of both products on your hand and then apply.


Opuntia ficus – indica seed oil 

Country of origin: Madagascar 

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