• NUDMUSES Amber Oleogel – Amber Face Serum 15 ml

Amber Oleogel – Amber Face Serum Face serum in the unusual form of an oleogel is a multifunctional product, enriched with a luxurious Baltic amber extract. It contains a wealth of natural ingredients that rebuild the lipid barrier, accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis, have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Oleogel is an innovative form of cosmetic that combines the features of an oil and a gel. To achieve this unique oil-gel texture, we have combined natural vegetable oils with a mild, sugary emulsifier. This unique formula allows the active ingredients to effectively penetrate deep into the skin, while offering lightness without a greasy film on the skin.

Amber Oleogel is a multifunctional cosmetic – it can be usedday and night, as aserum, instead of a cream, as a make-up base or as a highlighter.


The amber serum contains carefully selected ingredients that subtly illuminate the complexion and provide a "glass skin" effect.

Amber Oleogel is the perfect solution for those looking for an anti-aging serum, want to regenerate, soothe and nourish the skin, and its unique formula, rich in natural ingredients, guarantees luxurious care.


Key Ingredients:


-Vitamin E


- calendula and licorice extracts

- sea buckthorn oil

- evening primrose oil

-argan oil


- jojoba oil



Apply a small amount of the serum to the cleansed and damp skin of the face, neck and décolleté.

Spread evenly and massage gently.

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