Mineral blend of zinc carbonate with iron oxide, which gives calamine a delicate pink hue. Fluffy powder with soothing properties - soothes, calms, regulates sebum secretion and promotes epidermal regeneration, e.g. in the case of pimples. It works well in the care of all skin types, with particular emphasis on those sensitive, allergic, prone to irritation and imperfections. Classified as hypoallergenic raw materials, it soothes rashes, redness and skin irritation, e.g. after epilation or sunbathing.

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Fluffy calamine powder with a soothing effect and supports skin regeneration.


Calamine is in the form of an odorless, very fine powder with an extremely pleasant to the touch, almost fluffy consistency. Chemically, calamine is a mixture of zinc carbonate with a small addition of iron oxide, which gives calamine a slightly pink hue.

Use as:

soothing cosmetic applied to imperfections,

face/body mask,

addition to masks,

soothing bath powder. 

How to use: 

In a clean container (not a metal one), mix a portion of calamine with a little boiled water or hydrolate until the consistency of a thick paste is obtained. Spread on slightly damp skin of the face and wash off after about 15 minutes, not allowing the paste to dry. After washing off the mask thoroughly, spray the skin with hydrolate and apply an oil or cream. 


For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Store in a cool, dry and shady place. 



Country of origin: India 


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