• EASY LIVIN Silicone glove for body massage

The firming massage glove is a real revolution in everyday body care! If you feel that your skin is losing elasticity or needs extra stimulation, now you can take care of it with a pleasant massage. Your skin will become softer, softer and firmer every day.

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The firming body massage glove is made of silicone and is equipped with two different types of silicone nubs, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the massage to suit your needs.

With it, you can perform a relaxing, draining, cleansing or firming massage.

The application is very practical, as it offers two ways of use:

  1. When washing the skin – simply wet the skin, apply your preferred product (oil or gel) and then massage on any part of the body.
  2. During skincare to intensify the effects of your favorite cosmetic or body lotion. All you need to do is apply the cosmetic to dry skin and massage it with a glove on the selected part of the body.

We suggest using this glove in combination with firming products to enhance the effect of cosmetics.

The massage perfectly stimulates the skin, and we especially recommend using the glove in areas affected by cellulite or stretch marks.


  • strengthens blood circulation, which contributes to better skin nourishment;
  • helps reduce cellulite and soothes muscle pain thanks to effective massage;
  • accelerates and firms the body, giving it a more flexible appearance;
  • it is an excellent product for both washing and cleansing the skin, which makes it a multi-tasker in body care;
  • Massage with this glove has both a draining effect, supporting the removal of toxins, and a relaxing effect, bringing relief in stressful moments.


  • 18 x 11 cm


  • 100% silicone (safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, no PVC or harmful additives)


  • pink with glitter
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