• Bracia Mydlarze Yellow Clay 75 ml

It is yellow because of the iron it contains more than other clays. It also contains a lot of silica, calcium and phosphorus. Yellow clay, more strongly than other clays, cleanses and detoxifies. It has anti-seborrheic and anti-inflammatory properties, narrows pores and mattifies. It works well as a mask for skin with a tendency to oiliness and overproduction of sebum. By the way - it will have a firming and elasticizing effect.

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All these properties are due to the high content of iron, potassium and silica. It is mined in France and is obtained from siliceous clay rocks. However, before it goes to your bathrooms - it is thoroughly dried in the sun.


Yellow clay is also recommended for oily and damaged hair.

Clays are perfect bases for homemade masks - you can add a hydrolate, your favorite oil or serum to them.


How to use:


Quick yellow clay mask:

- mix a tablespoon of clay with your favorite hydrosol and 2-3 drops of the oil of your choice to obtain the consistency of a paste,

– spread on the face,

-wash off after 10 minutes.

Remember not to let the mask dry out – spraying your face with hydrolate will help.

The combination of clay, hydrolate and oil will also work well as a scalp mask.


Store in a dry and shady place. Avoid contact with eyes. If irritated, discontinue use.


INCI: Illite (yellow clay)


COMPOSITION: Yellow clay

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