• BROWN HOUSE&TEA Berry Muffin - Rooibos tea with forest fruits 50g

Immerse yourself in a cup of fruit solace with our BERRY MUFFIN tea. Natural freeze-dried fruit is combined with the highest quality rooibos, creating an unforgettable taste experience for all lovers of delicious and healthy options.

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Taste and health in every sip:

🫐 no artificial flavors

🍓 with freeze-dried fruit

🫐 based on rooibos (ideal for children and drinking in the evening)




Key Ingredients:

The power of fruit!

In the mix you will find plump pieces of natural, freeze-dried strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and elderberry. 

In addition, a base made of African redbush, or rooibos. 

It was chosen to make the tea a good choice for the little ones and as an option to drink in the evening.



A natural duo of sweetness and delicate acidity. This is how you can describe our BERRY MUFFIN.

It will work great as an alternative to sugary drinks.

You can drink it traditionally hot or brew it cold as a cold brew tea.



Ingredients: rooibos leaves (58%), freeze-dried strawberry (20%), freeze-dried blueberry (9%), organic natural aroma of mixed forest fruits (blueberry, blackberry, redcurrant, raspberry, cherry), freeze-dried elderberry (2%), freeze-dried raspberry (2%), vanilla extract.



How to brew?


For warmth:

TEA – 4g (1 flat tablespoon)


WATER – 200 ml

TIME – 5-10 min



TEA – 4g (1 flat tablespoon)

WATER – 200 ml, cold

TIME – 20 min

ADDITIVES: sweetener, e.g. agave syrup (optional*)





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