• BOSPHAERA Soy candle PALO SANTO 190 g

Feel the aromatic combination of citrus, mint and flowers with a soothing woody aroma. Palo Santo will put you in a mood of tranquility. You will go on an olfactory trip to an exotic forest. The candle will allow you to calm down and focus on being "here and now". Sometimes you have to take one step back and then take 3 steps forward. Indulge in romantic melancholy.

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Soy wax allows you to enjoy the wonderful aroma for many hours. On the other hand, the wooden wick, when burning, reflects the sounds of a campfire. The dark glass in which the candle was placed is elegant and ecological. After the product is used up, they can be easily cleaned and reused.


The candle is made of 100% natural essential oil and soy wax.


There may be a residue on the wax. This is a natural property of soy wax that does not adversely affect the use value.



Burning a candle for the first time should last no less than 1-2 hours and preferably about 3-4 hours.

The wax must dissolve over its entire surface (up to the edges of the jar). This will avoid the so-called tunnel candle burnout, which is a phenomenon when the candle burns to the bottom, creating a tunnel that causes it to go out and prevents the use of all the wax. In addition, burning the candle once for about 3-4 hours guarantees even burning of the wax and extends the life of the candle.


Safety when using candles. The following rule must be observed:

· Do not leave a burning candle unattended

· A lit candle should be placed out of the reach of small children and pets

· Do not place a lit candle in close proximity to flammable materials

· Do not place a lit candle in a draught

· It is not allowed to walk around with a lit candle in your hands

· Candles should be burned in well-ventilated areas

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