• AUNA pure ecosilk vegan hair silk 10 ml

Ecosilk is made on the basis of sugar and coconuts. It is a colorless, odorless liquid, an ideal substitute for volatile silicones (cyclomethicone), with improved properties. It is completely harmless, free of solvents and CRM substances. Importantly, it is a plant-based emollient with very good functional properties – it spreads pleasantly and leaves a silky finish without feeling greasy and sticky.

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AUNA Kosmetyki

It protects the ends of the hair from splitting and makes combing easier. Used regularly, it incredibly smoothes the hair structure and protects against external factors such as wind, UV radiation, low/high temperatures.


Thanks to its properties, it makes the hair perfectly manageable, does not electrify and does not frizz. It gives a silky shine, even to very damaged hair.

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