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The jade milk spoon is a multi-purpose product that combines several functions. Irreplaceable in every woman's bathroom.

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A teaspoon of milky jade will replace:

- Eye massager – the streamlined shape allows you to gently massage the eye area, and the coolness of the stone will reduce puffiness under the eyes and help eliminate dark circles.

 -Eye pads – the shape of the spoon has been created in such a way that it can replace disposable eye patches. All you have to do is apply your favorite serum, put a spoon on it and let the active ingredients absorb.

 -Spatula for mixing DIY masks and cosmetics - the stone spoon is safe and neutral in the production and mixing of raw materials. It does not deactivate the active substances as happens with some substances with a metal spoon.

 -A spoon for applying creams and ready-made scrubs, masks – by taking care of the hygiene of cosmetics, we extend their durability, so it is worth applying cosmetic products with a stone spoon

Why is the Mohani massage spoon special? 

Handmade: from a high-quality single piece of milky jade. It is a natural gemstone that has not been mixed with other "similar materials" or glued together from several waste stones.


Premium Finish: Carefully honed stone ensures precise smoothness.


Natural gemstone: milk jade is called the "Asian king" or "stone of youth". This stone unites, brings peace, solace and harmony to body and soul. It is one of the most durable stones in the world.


Milky translucent color: attractive and highly appreciated. Completely dandelion or translucent like fog. The stone is not artificially colored, it is 100% natural.



Natural milky jade doesn't like cleaning products or harsh sun, so wash it only under running water and avoid sun exposure. The spoons may slightly differ from each other in color and shape due to their natural origin.

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