• SLAAP Wooden Body Massage Plate

Beech wood gua sha tile is the perfect tool for self-massage of the body. Its ergonomic shape and smooth surface allow precise massage and drainage movements. Thanks to it, you can improve blood circulation, firm the skin and reduce muscle tension. Discover the pleasures and benefits of a gua sha massage from the comfort of your home.

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Wooden gua sha tile is an indispensable tool in your daily body care routine. Made of high quality beech wood, it guarantees durability and unparalleled comfort during body massage. With the right massage technique, gua sha plate brings many benefits to your skin.


What are the advantages of body massage with GUA SHA plate?

- supports lymphatic drainage, which promotes the removal of toxins and excess fluid from the body,

- reduces cellulite by relaxing adipose tissue and stimulating blood circulation in problem areas,

-releases muscle tension,

- stimulates blood circulation of the skin, which contributes to its healthy appearance,

-stimulates the production of collagen.


The gua sha plate works perfectly with our Body Map firming body oil, enhancing its effects. Its ergonomic shape allows free massage of the whole body.

The smooth edge of the tile allows you to perform smooth and precise drainage movements and classic gua sha massage. In contrast, the wavy part of the tile is perfect for developing cellulite-affected zones, providing effective relaxation and modeling.

In addition, the "u" fragment of the gua sha plate is ideal for shoulder and neck massage, where muscle tension often accumulates.

After the massage, it is enough to wipe the gua sha plate with a dry cloth, avoiding contact with water, to preserve its excellent properties and durability.

Restore harmony, health and beauty to your skin with the help of wooden gua sha tile. Include it in your beauty routine and enjoy the unique effects it will bring to your skin.

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