• SKIN1004 Ultra-thin patches for imperfections, 22 pieces

Spot Cover Patch – ultra-thin patches for spot application on imperfections. They effectively isolate the acne lesion from the external environment, protecting it from dirt, bacteria and mechanical damage. They accelerate the healing process and prevent the formation of unsightly scars. Made of medical hydrocolloid, they come in two sizes – 10mm and 12mm.

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SKIN1004 Spot Cover Patch

Ultra-thin patches for imperfections 22 pcs.




- protect against contaminants,

- accelerate the healing of acne lesions,

- prevent acne scars.



How to use:

Thoroughly cleanse and dry the skin on which you will apply the patch. Without touching the inside of the patch, apply the patch to the acne lesion. Change it after 6-8 h.





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