• SENKARA Cosmetic brush soap 100 g

Proper care of cosmetic brushes and sponges is extremely important. We will enjoy a clean and well-groomed brush longer. However, most importantly - a clean brush is a brush free from bacteria harmful to our skin. It is dirty brushes and makeup sponges that are often the cause of recurrent pimples and pimples on the skin. So let's take care of our makeup accessories with due attention and let's not forget about washing them regularly!

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-moisten the soap and cosmetic brush under running water (always protect the handle and metal part of the brush from getting wet)

-Put the brush in the container and clean it against the surface of the soap in circular motions. A thick, creamy foam will be formed. The higher rim of the container will prevent the brush and foam from falling out.

-Rinse the brush thoroughly under running water and set it flat to dry.

-Wipe the surface of the soap dry with a paper towel (or rinse with water, pour out any excess water and leave the container open to dry). Do not leave standing water in the container.

-Enjoy a clean and fragrant makeup brush.


Store in a dark and dry place. The product is intended only for washing and caring for cosmetic brushes and sponges.


Composition: Saponified coconut oil, Water, Fragrance, Coumarin*

INCI: Sodium cocoate, Aqua, Aroma, Coumarin*

*ingredient of the fragrance composition

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