• MOHANI Turban - Mohani microfiber hair towel - white

Turban - Mohani microfiber hair towel - white A turban made of soft fabric will take care of the condition of your hair. The material from which it is made absorbs much more water than a regular towel, which is why the hair dries faster. Your time spent blow-drying will be reduced and your hair won't be exposed to too much heat. In addition, its softness wraps around the hair and does not cause damage.

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The turban will fit on any head and will not fall off it.

It is very light and dries quickly, so you can take it with you on any trip.


Its multifunctionality allows you to replace e.g. a hair band, towel or cap - thanks to it you will get rid of unnecessary accessories from your home and free up space.


It's super absorbent, but also multifunctional!


Shorter drying time: absorbs excessive water and reduces the amount of time your hair is exposed to the heat of the dryer.


Effective oiling: reduces the time of oiling, thanks to the temperature that is generated under the turban, the oil will be absorbed into the hair more easily and quickly. Half an hour is enough to get satisfactory results.


An alternative to a shower cap: after applying the hair mask, use a turban instead of a shower cap. It will retain heat and make the mask work more effectively.


Hair protection during home beauty treatments: protection against falling strands of hair on the face during a home care ritual, application of a mask, cream, washing or make-up removal.


Hair cover during bathing: worn before bathing, it will protect against wetting and will also absorb the steam generated by hot water, so that the hair will not be damp.


Advantages of the turban:

Suitable for plopping. The waffle fabric hair turban is soft and absorbs water well, so it will dry wet hair effectively and more naturally.

The lightweight material allows you to take the turban with you on any trip.

A quick-drying turban is also perfect for lovers of spending time actively.

The loop buttons on the back prevent the turban from falling off and also prevent water from dripping from the hair. Ideal for everyday use at home, at the gym and while traveling.

The durable fabric allows you to use the turban for a long time.

It will save your time and protect your hair from bath towel damage and warm air damage from hair dryers.


Weight: 300gr/m2


You can use the turban in two ways:

- Standing upright, put the turban on your head so that the narrow part is on your back, place your hair in it, roll it up and roll it up, placing the button in the rubber loop.

- Tilt your head forward, put on a turban, place your hair in it, wrap by placing a button in the rubber loop.



Wash separately before first use.

Wash at up to 40 degrees.

Do not use bleach, fabric softeners, do not iron, do not tumble dry.

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