• MOHANI Reusable silicone pads for nasolabial folds

Prevent nasolabial folds from deepening and smooth out existing ones. You can use the pads in combination with your favorite skincare serum or cream.

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The medical silicone from which the pads are made creates an occlusion effect. In combination with the right cosmetic, they support the absorption of nutrients: firming, moisturizing the skin, reducing and smoothing furrows.

After use, you don't have to wonder "where to throw it away" because you always have dedicated packaging for them. The pads are reusable and are perfect as a quick regeneration for your face wherever you take them with you.

It is an ecological solution for those who like to use eye patches and masks in their skincare, and live in the spirit of zero waste.

Effect of the pads on nasolabial folds:

- intensify the absorption of cosmetics, acting on the principle of occlusion - creating a layer that prevents water loss from the epidermis, thanks to which the nutrients of cosmetics are absorbed more effectively

- in combination with your favorite cosmetic, they help smooth, moisturize and nourish the skin, eliminating fine wrinkles and lines

- elegant and functional packaging for easy storage

-ecological and economical - multiple use reduces the amount of waste generated and expenses on disposable flakes

How to use reusable pads for nasolabial folds?

Simple steps:

-take the clean cereal out of the box

-Apply your favorite moisturiser to your face, then apply silicone pads from the corners of your mouth to the wings of your nose

-leave the pads on your face for about 10-20 minutes

- remove the pads and gently pat in the rest of the cosmetic

-after use, wash the pads, dry them and put them in a dedicated box

Before applying the pads, you can give a short massage to the area by moving your fingers from your mouth towards the wings of your nose with tiny circular movements. You can use a guasha massage plate for this purpose.

Material: Medical Grade Silicone

Packaging: Aluminum can and reusable flakes

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