• MOHANI Reusable silicone décolleté mask

Prevent the formation of wrinkles on the décolleté and take care of existing wrinkles. The reusable silicone mask is designed to correct and prevent: the formation of wrinkles on the décolleté caused by sleeping on the side, sun damage, insufficient hydration or skin aging.

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Made of 100% medical-grade silicone, the anti-wrinkle mask works by gently wrapping the décolleté to form an occlusive layer. This increases blood flow and stimulates collagen production. The phenomenon of occlusion also supports the skin's natural moisturizing ability and helps to retain moisture. Regular use of the mask will moisturize, firm the skin and smooth out fine wrinkles.

After use, you don't have to wonder "where to throw it away" because you always have dedicated packaging for them. The pads are reusable and are perfect as a quick regeneration for your face wherever you take them with you. It is an ecological solution for those who like to use eye patches and masks in their skincare, and live in the spirit of zero waste.

Advantages and effects of the mask:

- in combination with your favorite cosmetic, it helps to smooth, moisturize and nourish the skin, while eliminating fine wrinkles and creases formed during sleep

- intensifies the absorption of cosmetics, acting on the principle of occlusion - creating a layer that prevents water loss from the epidermis, thanks to which the nutrients of cosmetics are absorbed more effectively

- elegant and functional packaging for easy storage

-ecological and economical - repeated use reduces the amount of waste generated and expenses on disposable masks

How to use a reusable silicone mask for the décolleté?

Simple steps:

-Take out a clean mask from the box

- Apply your favorite moisturizing cosmetic to your décolleté (we recommend e.g. squalane, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C serum), then apply the mask

- Leave the mask on the décolleté for about 10-20 minutes

-Remove the mask and gently pat in the rest of the cosmetic

-After use, wash the mask, dry it and put it away in a dedicated box

Our advice:

Take care of your décolleté skin by taking advantage of the moments when you rest, read a book or work at the computer. The ideal time to put on a mask is in the morning, when sleep wrinkles, lines and furrows are visible on the skin of the décolleté. Applying a moisturizing serum and wrapping the décolleté with an additional layer of a reusable silicone mask will very quickly bring a moisturizing and smoothing effect.

You can also perform a gentle massage every morning to smooth your décolleté. After applying the serum, massage the collarbone area with small circular movements to activate the lymph nodes. Then, with gentle movements, move your hands horizontally from the middle of the neckline to the sides - first to the right, then to the left. The next step can be lifting massage - alternating with the palms of your hands from the breast towards the neck. Finally, use your fingertips alone to gently smooth the décolleté.
For massage you can use a guasha plate or roller.

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