• MOHANI Hair Washing & Head Massage Brush - beige

The washing and massage brush was inspired by acupuncture to help you properly care for your scalp while washing. It was created to make people aware that healthy hair is created when we take care of our skin. Brushing your hair removes styling product residues, dirt, dust, and sebum. It's a new, more thorough way of washing, thanks to which the hair remains clean and fresh, and the roots oxygenated.

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Hair washing and head massage brush - beige


The ergonomic handle with the addition of wheat straw is designed so that the brush does not fall out of your hands during washing. Soft silicone nubs stimulate circulation and help remove dead skin cells from the scalp. The subtle pastel colour of the brush brings balance and well-being to the interior.


What are the benefits of using a brush?

Effective cleansing of the hair and scalp: the brush thoroughly cleanses the hair and scalp.

Its silicone bristles provide a gentle cleansing action and a soothing massage.


Reduced shampoo consumption: It converts a small amount of shampoo into a thick foam, thus reducing shampoo consumption.


Better distribution of hair care products: conditioner, scrub, lotion or oil will be distributed through the brush more evenly and precisely, and during application, the silicone touchpoints will stimulate circulation, increasing the effectiveness of the products used.


Scalp scrub: gets rid of dead skin cells and leaves the skin clean and fresh. It stimulates renewal.


Stimulates hair growth: Silicone nubs gently press the scalp while washing or massaging to oxygenate the roots.

Prevents oily scalp: effectively cleanses excess sebum build-up.

Relaxes: you can use it in your home ritual for your scalp and hair. A gentle massage helps to calm down, effectively eliminates headache and fatigue.


How to use:

- lather a small amount of shampoo in your hands and apply to damp hair and scalp,

- gently massage your head with a brush in circular motions,

- then rinse the shampoo with warm water,

- thoroughly clean the brush from cosmetic residues,

- You can also do the care treatment with a conditioner or oil.

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