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Product with a shorter expiration date!
Glitter freckles serve nothing more than to decorate and bring a smile. 10 grams of madness, enclosed in a golden, aluminum can.
We wear these shimmering particles not only at parties and festivals, but also at work, in the store, on walks. They sit cheekily on their cheeks and catch single rays of the sun, reflecting them happily. Let them become our everyday life, let all faces sparkle and bring a smile to the faces of passers-by. This is what we need when it is uphill. An ordinary, sincere smile.


 How to use:

- ministerial glitter can be glued on a special glitter glue

- they will also stick to us if we apply lip balm, butter or sticky oil to the skin

- Store in a dry place, away from moisture




Biodegradable cellulose derivative, vegetable glycerin, water, shellac, mix of cosmetic micas - synthetic and mineral (mineral mica used in the production of glitters comes from the USA - its extraction is regulated by national regulations defining the rules of occupational health and safety)


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