• EASY LIVIN Set of reusable silicone flakes EASY PADS SET

EASY PADS SET is a set of reusable pads or masks made of silicone, which is an excellent and environmentally friendly option for lovers of relaxing moments in a home SPA and the use of various types of care masks. The set contains: 1. EASY EYE PADS reusable eye pads 2. EASY KISS PAD reusable mouth mask 3. EASY NO WORRIES PAD reusable forehead and décolleté mask

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EASY PADS work on the principle of occlusion. This means that they create a kind of "cover" on the skin, which helps the applied cosmetics penetrate deeper and work more effectively. 

EASY PADS can be combined with various creams, serums or care masks.

After application, the skin is smooth, moisturized and nourished. And the EASY EYE PADS significantly reduce puffiness under the eyes. 

You can use this set on a daily basis or before an important outing – the effect is always immediate! 

EASY PADS are an ecological solution in care, because we do not generate additional waste that pollutes the environment.


Wash and dry the pads after each use and put them in a storage box so they're ready to use again at any time! 

Instructions for use: 

1. Before using for the first time, wash the pads thoroughly with a gentle gel or foam. 

2. Apply your favorite serum, mask or cream to your skin (a small amount is enough). 

3. Place the silicone pads on your skin and leave them on for about 10-20 minutes. 

4. Gently remove the pads and pat the rest of the product into the skin. 

5. Be sure to wash and dry the cereal thoroughly before storing it in the package. 

It is recommended to carry out a test before first use, as the pads can significantly increase the effect of the product. 

Wash the EASY PADS pads immediately after each use, dry and store in the dedicated box. 


pro tip by EASY LIVIN: 

Put the EASY PADS pads and the cosmetic in the fridge before use – you will get a cooling effect! In addition, you can perform a cold roller massage.



  • medical grade silicone

Package contains:

  • metal tin and eye, mouth and forehead pads


  • clear with EASY LIVIN' logo

How to store:

  • Store the product in the package


  • 16.5 x 11 cm


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