• EASY LIVIN Rose quartz eye pads

Quartz flakes have exceptional cooling properties that help to effectively reduce skin puffiness and relax facial muscles. Their ability to close the pores of the skin improves its texture and appearance. In addition, thanks to the stimulation of blood circulation, they contribute to the radiant appearance of the skin, which makes them an irreplaceable element of the skincare ritual.

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The petals are handmade, just like real jewelry.

Each piece is strung on a transparent fishing line to ensure a perfect fit to the shape of your face.

They are made of natural stone – rose quartz, which is known as the "stone of love" in Asia. This stone, thanks to its cooling properties, helps to close the pores of the skin, promotes lymph drainage and blood circulation. To further enhance the cooling effect, we suggest placing the flakes in the refrigerator before the treatment.

The petals are the perfect complement to your home SPA and are a special moment during a massage session.

Thanks to their stone-cooling abilities, the pads help to close the pores of the skin, reduce puffiness, stimulate blood circulation, and at the same time provide a great feeling of relaxation and relaxation of the facial muscles.

The gentle pressure of the petals on the treatment area adds an extraordinary charm to this ritual.

We also recommend them for use in beauty salons and spas, where they can be an integral part of professional beauty routines.

What are the benefits of using quartz eye patches?

  • narrowed skin pores;
  • swelling and swelling are reduced;
  • the skin is relaxed and relaxed;
  • facial muscles are relaxed;
  • skin irritations are soothed;
  • They quickly eliminate the effects of sunburn.



  • 9 x 5.5 cm


  • Rose Quartz
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