• CATCH'A'TIGER Moisturizing and Soothing Cream 40 ml

A natural moisturizing and soothing cream that suits all types of young skin, in particular: combination, oily, acne-prone, but also dry and normal skin. It gives a feeling of nourishment and regeneration of the skin. It has a soothing, moisturizing and soothing effect. Reduces redness and irritation of the skin. Don't worry, it doesn't clog pores!

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- Spread the cream on the face, avoiding the eye area,

-Pat gently,

-When used in your morning skincare routine, you can apply sunscreen afterwards,

-You can use it in the morning and evening.




- Plant squalane – It is obtained from sugar cane, thanks to its molecular structure, similar to natural sebum, it perfectly penetrates the layers of the epidermis, rebuilding the hydrolipid layer. It softens and makes it more elastic, helps active substances penetrate deep into the skin.

- Hemp oil – A fairly light oil, rich in essential fatty acids, including Omega-3 and Omega-6, is great for acne-prone skin (it has a low degree of comedogenic), soothes irritations, supports skin regeneration and protects it with its natural lipid layer.

-Trehalose – a natural disaccharide consisting of two glucose molecules. It is one of the most effective ingredients for moisturizing the skin. It strengthens the natural functions of the protective barrier of the epidermis. It soothes and counteracts irritation. By increasing the skin's hydration level, it increases its elasticity and firmness, as well as smoothes fine wrinkles. It is also an antioxidant – it protects skin cells from damage caused by UV radiation. What's more, it protects fibroblasts – skin cells that produce collagen and elastin – from dehydration.

- Raspberry oil – improves the lipid barrier of the epidermis, increases elasticity. It has a soothing and gently brightening effect. It is an antioxidant.

- CeraFluid® – Liquid ceramide NP (III), showing high biocompatibility with the skin, regulates the skin's protective barrier, provides protection against dehydration. It improves the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.

- Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate – Oily, stable form of vitamin C – an ester derivative of ascorbic acid, which is easily converted into a biologically active form in the skin. It supports the process of collagen synthesis – it affects the firmness and elasticity of the skin and brightens.

- Thyme extract – It is extremely effective in the care of acne-prone skin. It tones and deeply cleanses impure skin prone to blackheads and pimples. It also helps to maintain the balance of oily skin and skin prone to excessive oiliness. It is also a powerful antioxidant.

- Hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate – Produced by enzymatic degradation, thanks to which it easily penetrates into the subsequent layers of the epidermis, causing them to moisturize and nourish.

-Sodium hyaluronate – Due to its size, it does not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, but acts on its surface. It soothes and soothes the skin, moisturizes, and has anti-aging properties. In addition, it is a humectant, i.e. it has the ability to bind water, thus reducing TEWL.

-Marine Postbiotic – Produced using the patented HTAC process. Thanks to its high compatibility with the skin microbiota, it cooperates with the local bacterial flora. It has a positive effect on the quality of the skin's protective barrier.

-Aurafirm N – Fermented by Lactobacillus bacteria extract from oats. It restores the balance of the skin microbiome (it has pre-, pro- and postbiotic properties), is rich in proteins, phospholipids and polyols, helps to strengthen and regenerate the skin. It also has a positive effect on the level of skin hydration.

-Vitamin D3-like – Fermented grape extract. It increases hydration, nourishment, has antioxidant and soothing properties. It increases the barrier functions of the skin.

- Rosemary oil extract – A natural, powerful antioxidant. It accelerates skin regeneration.

- Fermented carrot root extract – It moisturizes, regulates the skin's pH, gently exfoliates and generally improves the condition.




Application tests have shown that the product:

✓ The product does not have a comedogenic effect.

✓ The product leaves the skin feeling moisturized.

✓ The product gives a feeling of nourishment to the skin.

✓ The product gives the skin a feeling of regeneration.

✓ The product reduces possible redness and irritation of the skin.

✓ The product has a soothing effect on the skin.

✓ The product reduces the feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin.

✓ The product spreads well.

✓ The product does not leave a sticky or greasy feeling.

✓ The product is quickly absorbed.

✓ The product has a light, non-greasy texture.

✓ The product does not clog pores.

✓ The product has a pleasant, delicate fragrance.

✓ The product provides a comfortable feeling on the skin.



INCI: Aqua, C13-15 Alkane, Propanediol, Squalane, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Glycerin, Trehalose, Polyglyceryl-2 Stearate, Rubus Idaeus Seed Oil, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, Ceramide NP, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate, Saccharomyces/Grape Ferment Extract, Lactobacillus Ferment, Avena Sativa Kernel Extract, Biosaccharide Gum-1, Thymus Vulgaris Flower/Leaf Extract, Lactobacillus/Carrot Root Ferment Filtrate, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract, Saccharide Isomerate, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Olive Glycerides, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Glyceryl Caprylate, Stearyl Alcohol, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Acacia Senegal Gum, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Citrate, Tetrasodium Glutamate, Diacetate, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Phenethyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, Parfum, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool, Citronellol, Citral.

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